When have time, take your dog out (not just to poop)

January 1, 2020
• Updated 4 years ago
• 2 min read
Bringing your dog out for a walk can help sharpen your dog's senses! It can also keep your dog sensitive to the surroundings and foster bonding between you and your animal. 😊

We all have very busy schedules. Some of us pet owners are alittle more fortunate to have other members in the family to help walk our dogs. Others may be the sole caregiver for their dog, and the furkid may have to be by itself at home the whole day.

One of the main purposes of walking dogs is to let the dog poop. It is one of the most common routines we all have as pet parents 🙂 However, due to work / studies / other commitments, we usually head back home right after our dogs have pooped and peed. Imagine how sad the dogs will be!

Most dogs, not all, like walking outdoors

Most dogs love outdoors and look forward to exploring the outside world. After all, dogs are animals that used to belong in the wild. To sustain their sharpness, sensitivity to surroundings and energy levels, we do need to take our dogs out sometimes. No, not the 5-min poo time type, but longer, like at least 20-30 minutes.

A simple walk around the neigbourhood will perk up your dog's energy levels, and it's also a good bonding time between hooman and dog. Our Rara used to be an exceptional dog that is so fearful of the surroundings. We had to bring her out often to encourage her to explore more often. Today, Rara (Our black mongrel!) is slightly braver, and more curious. We (Rara included) also always look forward to such little bonding sessions too. 😊

So bring your dog out for a little longer sometimes. Anywhere will do, because your dog will not complain, she will only love you for it. ❤

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