New Blog Page for Pawmeal!

April 4, 2020
• Updated 4 years ago
• 2 min read

Welcome to our new blog page for Pawmeal!

We decided to create this website to provide a platform for pawrents to share about pet health, food and nutrition topics. We want to increase awareness on caring for our pets, and have a common platform to consolidate our experiences and learnings so that new and existing pet owners can discover more.

For a start

For a start, there will be 3 broad categories in our website: Food, Wellness and Community. As fresh dog food providers, we would like to emphasise alittle more on food and nutrition, and for the overall holistic well-being of your furry animal. Plus we are also looking to keep abreast of what is happening in the local pet communities, and share more in our blog here.

So what is the name?

We were thinking of using the very safe name of "Pawmeal Blog" initially, but felt that will only draw us towards Pawmeal-related topics. In order to allow us room to explore more pet-related topics in the future, we embarked on a long brain search. Multiple rejected names later, and after racking our brains for around 2 months, our "aha!" moment popped up! It happened while we were browsing some magazines!

Welcome to © Pawgazine, Everything About Dogs and Cats! 😆😊

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