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Updated 2 years ago

Can I Feed Honeydew or Cantaloupe to My Dog?

2 min read

Do you give your dog fruits? Not everyone does, but a fruit like honeydew can actually provide some much needed water especially if your dog lacks water! Honeydew is considered […]

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Updated 3 years ago

Can I Feed Turmeric to My Dog?

2 min read

Turmeric is an Indian spice and a very good special food because it essentially contains an active ingredient called curcumin. And this curcumin can do quite a lot of things, […]

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Updated 3 years ago

Can Pets Get COVID-19, and Are Dogs and Cats At Risk of Getting the Coronavirus?

4 min read

Can pets get COVID-19? Two of the questions pet owners are increasing asking is: Is my pet at risk of catching COVID-19? What will happen if my pet is infected […]

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Updated 3 years ago

How to Protect Your Pet When a Family Member Falls Sick or is in Isolation due to COVID-19

3 min read

Is my pet at risk of catching Covid-19? You may be wondering: What should you do if your pet is a close contact to a positive case? It's actually not […]

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Updated 4 years ago

Can I Feed Broccoli to My Dog?

2 min read

Broccoli has a lot of nutrients that makes it one of the top vegetables! It is high in fibre with lots of Vitamin A, C and K, and with moderate […]

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